Ask Ford's Top Automotive Interior Designer Anything You Want

Amko Leenarts has been the head of interior design at Ford Motor Co. since 2012. He's the one guiding the look of Ford's car interiors worldwide. And he's here in Gizmodo's comment section to answer your questions about car design, dashboard tech, and the future of the automobile. Come ask away.


Amko will be posting, oddly enough, as "Amko Leenarts" in the comments under this very article. He's been working in automotive design both in Europe and globally since back when in-dash GPS systems were a hot new luxury, and his teams are working on the look, feel, and user interaction of car design in both the near and distant future. You can read our full interview with Amko here—and ask anything you want about car design below.

Update: Amko stuck around for an hour, but he had to get back to work. You can view all the conversations Amko replied to by clicking this link. Thanks for joining us Amko!

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