Asus Core i7 Laptop Claims 12-Hour Battery Life

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The fastest laptops usually get lousy battery life, but Asus has made a few innovations that supposedly net its memorably named UL80JT laptop an incredible 12 hours of battery life, despite its Core i7 processor. I really hope it's true.


The big change here is a real-time management system that re-clocks the processor on a moment-to-moment basis depending on what you're doing, which means light work should result in light power usage. That's how it can hit 12 hours of battery life despite the Core i7 and its Nvidia GeForce 310 GPU. We haven't been able to test it yet, since it was just announced at CES, but here's hoping the claims are anywhere near true. [Ars Technica]


Leonard Nimrod

When you guys posts articles like this pisses me off.

Instead of stating which processor it is they make it seem like a big deal because it has the Core i7 designation despite the mobile processors ranging from 18W to 55W.

You also don’t indicate the type of battery or the mAh of the battery which makes it impossible to draw any conclusion about Asus’ "accopmplishment".

So, I have to go searching other sites for the answers. It turns out it has ULV (Ultra-Low Voltage) Core i7 with a TDP of 18W and a 5600mAh battery.

My MBP uses a 35W CPU that still uses a Northbridge and an original battery capacity of 4100mAh and that touts 7 hours using.

Hell, even the MacBook Air has a higher TDP with a 17W LV C2D when you consider the Northbridge.

Even with all that data we still need to have more standardized test to make the whole thing relatable to other machines.

Seriously, Giz, I know you guys can do better.