Asus Eee PC 901 Images Show New Refinements, Possibly Atom Motherboard

French blog has allegedly exclusive pictures of the next Asus Eee PC 901, which apparently includes a new motherboard. Apparently this model is the one that will have Intel Atom inside, which is why the company has sightly redesigned its exterior. The images show a ton of small refinements over the design of the previous Eee PC 900:


• Metal sides on the screen hinge.

• The power button on the hinge is gone.

• Slim, metal button bar over the keyboard.

• Power button is not located on the thin button to the far right of this bar.

• Metal framing for the trackpad.

• USB ports have been sightly re-arranged.

• VGA port is now on the right side.

• Kensington lock next to the Ethernet port on the left, which allows you to secure the machine while using the VGA on the right side of the machine.

• Two microphones for stereo input above the battery.

• Asus logo is gone in favor of the Eee PC brand.


[Blogeee via jkkmobile]

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