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Asus Helps Your Pirating Including Software Cracker for Free

Illustration for article titled Asus Helps Your Pirating Including Software Cracker for Free

Asus-makers of inexpensive Eeeverything-is now shipping illegal cracking software to make your computing life even cheaper. According to UK publication PC Pro, not only they have accidentally included a piracy tool with their recovery DVD, but they have also put several confidential documents and source code inside. So nice of them. A PC Pro reader came across this when his anti-virus software flagged the recovery DVD included with his Asus laptop. The cracking application is included inside the WinRAR folder. The documents are in another directory, containing confidential information from Microsoft addressed to PC manufacturers ("Don't even think about distributing DR-DOS with your PCs! Don't!"), associated software keys, program files, and source code and internal documents from Asus detailing program incompatibilities. [Image via PC Pro]


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Not on PB or DMN. Unless someone has a tiny url?