Asus Is Putting Sick 3D Gesture Controls in Its PCs This Year

Leap Motion's amazing-looking gesture control debuted last May, and has had developers crawling all over it ever since. Now, Asus has announced that it's teaming up with the company to produce a range of computers using the tech—and they should be here this year.


The computer manufacturer has announced that the technology will be rolled into new high-end notebooks and premium All-in-One PCs. With 12,000 developers already working with the device, it seems likely that the new Asus models could offer up some powerful software from the off, too.

Last May, Leap Motion claimed the new technology was 200 times more accurate than anything else on the market, capable of imaging all ten of your fingers, over a 150-degree field of view, at 290 frames per second. The demo video above gives a flavor for exactly what that means: sick gesture control, like you've never, ever used before. We can't wait for them to arrive. [Engadget]



This looks annoying at best, can't we just get decent vocal command recognition?