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At Least Digg's Killing the Dreaded DiggBar

Illustration for article titled At Least Diggs Killing the Dreaded DiggBar

Just a few weeks ago, Digg sold itself for a pittance. Now, the new Digg team has posted a preview of what it's calling v1: its ambitious plan to fix the ailing network. Signs of life! A battery of new changes! The new design launching later this week will dispense with horrid DiggBar. Will it be enough to save the basically dead site?


On, the (new) Digg team has posted a series of its earliest wireframes and mockups for what the new Digg will look like. Besides the absence of a DiggBar, the new version will have more images and, for now at least, no advertisements. The Digg score won't only take into account the activity of users on the site, but also data on tweets and Facebook Likes. Oh, and the first version of new Digg won't have comments. That's ballsy.

Illustration for article titled At Least Diggs Killing the Dreaded DiggBar

Based on what we can tell, the company is trying as hard as it can to distinguish itself from Reddit. Instead of lone headlines, it'll have big images. Do you find Reddit's comment trolls toxic? Digg won't have any for now. Digg has been ailing for a long time, and this is an admirable effort to resurrect the once eminent site. Let's hope this new design is the first step towards beating back the reaper. [RethinkDigg]

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Going comment-less is VERY ballsy, but I wonder if they'll go the route of other websites and just roll in Facebook and Twitter comments/posts?