AT&T 3G Network Down In Some Areas, Reports Say

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We here at Gizmodo have been getting interesting missives from several readers about how AT&T's 3G network has just plumb broke in several areas, like Boston and Hawaii. Any calls made to an iPhone 3G goes straight to voicemail, but with no notification to the iPhone owner. Switching back to the Edge/2G network will get the phone to start acting normally again.

I connected with Apple Tier 2 support and we conference called into AT&T. They claimed that it was my device (never had a problem until this point) and that before they would put in another ticket I had to test my SIM card in another non iPhone 3G AT&T device. If that behaved properly then they said Apple should replace the unit. If the problems returned with the new iPhone then and only then, will they submit it to "voice tech" whatever the hell that is. They claim no known issues, but I asked a stranger at Starbucks today whom I noticed had a 3G if he was having the same issues, and before I could even finish my question he described the same symptoms had been happening all week. This is along with five collegues/friends. So far this has gone under the radar and AT&T is denying any problems. The last tech insisted it wasn't the network but instead a slew of "all-the-sudden" faulty iPhone 3Gs. He claimed since my phone rang on his end and that he could leave a voicemail "it was there" the phone just wasn't getting it, yet somehow that's not a network problem?

It seems like this isn't a nation-wide thing, but there's enough complaints out there to determine that this probably isn't because of the iPhone either. How's it looking to everyone? -Thanks Eric and Aaron!

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At work I always have this problem. No where else, just the one floor of my office at work. Iphone 3g says I have full bars, but can't call or connect to internet or get calls.