AT&T Flips the 4G LTE Switch This Sunday

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Those of you who've been lamenting your AT&T FauxG handsets are going to get a reprieve this weekend—the company's finally activating its LTE network on the 18th. Well, in five markets anyway.


The initial rollout will be limited to Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, with plans for 15 markets to get fuel-injected speeds by the end of the year. So you might want to keep track of whether your neighborhood's getting the 4G treatment before plunk down $700 for a 4G HTC Thunderstream tablet. Or maybe just wait until they're not so terribly overpriced, regardless. [FierceWireless]



I wonder how they will handle their unlimited data users with this. If they let them upgrade to 4G at no extra cost (like Verizon did) and keep their unlimited data plans, will they still be throttled after 2GB? And how fast would throttled 4G be?