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AT&T/Starbucks Free Wi-Fi Disabled... For Now

Illustration for article titled ATT/Starbucks Free Wi-Fi Disabled... For Now

AT&T's free Starbucks Wi-Fi for iPhone usersdeal didn't last very long. Users on the MacRumors forum say that locations where Wi-Fi worked just days ago now have the free iPhone access removed. Considering AT&T never made an official mention of the service, it's possible somebody at the Death Star jumped the gun and the mistake has been corrected. Or maybe the company found out that a simple hack would let anybody with a friend's iPhone number get a free ride. [MacRumors]


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If you use a Starbucks card at least once a month (which is nothing really), then they give you two hours of wifi access per day. Additionally, if you have a friend that has SBC DSL, or AT&T Uverse, you can simply use their login information for full access.