AT&T Won't Have More iPhone 4s Until June 29

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If you pre-ordered your iPhone 4, congratulations! You might be getting it as soon as now. If you didn't preorder, though, you're going to have to wait until June 29th to get one from AT&T.

It's certainly not surprising that the date's been pushed back, particularly given what a mess the pre-ordering system was and that they sold out in less than a day. And knowledge is power: now you won't be needlessly lining up at an AT&T store on Thursday. And you'll be prepared to get up early and sharpen those elbows on the 29th.


iPhone 4 pre-order sales on June 15 were 10-times higher than the first day of pre-ordering for the iPhone 3GS last year. Demand is simply unprecedented. We're thrilled to see the excitement around iPhone 4 and are committed to helping as many customers as quickly as we can. As we said last week, we're committed to fulfilling preorders first – and are on track to do so. Here is an update that we just posted…let me know if you have questions.

AT&T is on-track to deliver iPhone 4 to customers who preordered the device on June 15. We look forward to offering iPhone 4 to all other customers beginning Tuesday, June 29, when it goes on sale in all AT&T sales channels.

Here are a few guidelines for customers buying iPhone 4 from AT&T

• Preordered for home or business delivery: iPhone 4 will begin arriving this week for customers who preordered. We'll send an email when each order has shipped.

• Preordered for store delivery: AT&T retail representatives will begin calling customers this week to let them know their iPhone 4 is available for pick up in store.

• Retail purchase (no preorder): AT&T plans to have iPhone 4 inventory – available on a first-come, first-served basis while supplies last – on June 29 in its retail locations, at, and in business sales channels. As inventory sells out, AT&T will offer the convenient option of purchasing iPhone 4 and having it delivered to a home or business or an AT&T store. As always, customers will receive an email once their order is placed, and again when it ships.

To help customers stay up to date on iPhone 4 activities and important information, AT&T will post a series of videos beginning early this week at The videos will be informative and packed with customer-friendly tips and instructions around order fulfillment, iPhone 4 activation, inventory and – importantly – the new MicroSIM unique to iPhone 4 devices.

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Question: My wife wants a new white iPhone, which seems tantamount to asking for a unicorn right about now.

Short of waiting in line overnight like a true fanperson, is there any way of getting one soon-ish?