ATI Graphics May Be at the Root of iMac Freezing Issues

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Apple's new iMac has been plagued by random—but reproducible for some—freezing issues, and it appears that the ATI Radeon HD graphics card and its drivers could be to blame. According to users participating in official Apple support discussions (here and here), the iMac continues to run during the freeze, but users are unable to control the programs with mouse clicks or keyboard commands without rebooting. Apple is apparently aware of the issue, but at this point, no official fix has been released. Some users have even reported that the latest round of video driver updates have made the problem worse, although there is no evidence to suggest that the problem is widespread. [Appleinsider and]


Serious question: why does it seem that only Apple products get full coverage of minor hardware faults like these? I mean I know somebody will joke and say it's because their products suck but I know for a fact that several other vendors over the past years have had similar hardware problems to those from Apple (Dell in particular, but also Toshiba and Sony). I was actually afflicted by a Toshiba hardware failure that was so prevalent and terrible I got $500 from a class action lawsuit over it, but I never saw it anywhere "on the blogs".

I'm (honestly) not insinuating any sort of fanboyism here (either way). Is it because of Apple's simplified product line making any glitch aflict many more users and thus affect more people? I guess a hardware problem in one of Dell's hundreds of models won't generate as many confirmation cases.