Atlantis Found on Google Earth, Official Explanation Is Dubious

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The image you see above is purportedly traces of the ruins of the Lost City of Atlantis, found on Google Earth. Let's weigh the evidence for and against, and see what we can conclude.


Conclusion 1: This Is Atlantis, Dammit!

The enigmatic lines were found under the sea off the north-western coast of Africa. This location is awfully close to one of the spots Plato, Legendary Smart Dude, had pinpointed as a possible resting place of Atlantis. In addition, the site is about the same size as Plato described. And if we accept Google's explanation, why is this the first such grid we've seen, in this very suspicious location?

Conclusion 2: It's Not Atlantis, Dammit!

Google claims that the lines are remnants of the sonar traces left by boats as they surveyed the area. Plus, Plato described Atlantis as being designed as a series of concentric circles, not a grid. Sub-argument: Plato's description of Atlantis was fictional, and the entire internet is really bored.

I think the arguments speak for themselves. ATLANTIS IS OBVIOUSLY REAL! [CNET, Google]



Yea, why do we waste our time with such myths when Atlantis is only reported to be known by one figure in all of history? Something is only considered historically verified when it is confirmed by other reports from other cultures of the same period.

of course, if historical validity meant anything to anyone, then we wouldn't have christians running around — Jesus is just as much a myth as Atlantis, historically speaking.