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Attack of the Hunter-Killer Grim Reaper Robots

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

What's not to like about the sneaky and efficient drone, a robotic aircraft controlled from afar that can put the hurt on enemies while assuring that none of us good guys die in the process? The radio-controlled warplanes have come a long way since those first Predator surveillance drones, and now the more-powerful Reaper hunter-killer is six times heavier and holds as many missiles and bombs as the mighty F-16 fighter.

The thing never has to pee, either, and can easily pull an all-nighter, loitering around a target for 24 hours until it's time to pounce. The US military likes them so much, it's going to be substituting these planes for hundreds of the human-piloted screamers such as the F-16, soon retiring around 200 of those Fighting Falcons in favor of this army of killer robot overlords.

Here are more pics of these sneaky pilotless weapons, coming soon to a war-torn country near you:


Here's the Reaper, formerly called the Predator 2, fully loaded:


Another shot of the Reaper:


The Predator:


Well what do you know? There is a future for those with twitch reflex talent, so now you can just say you're preparing for your military career when you play games 24/7.

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