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AU Penck Stainless Steel Phone

This image was lost some time after publication.
This image was lost some time after publication.

I'm fairly sure I've seen the Penck concept phone from Japanese carrier AU before. My unsurety comes from actually finding it appealing this time, as previous pictures didn't do its egg-like stainless steel casing justice (although I'm still not wild about the off-kilter hinge). Still, I get what designer Makoto Saito was trying to do now, and I like it—especially the cradle in which the phone lies prone. I've never quite understood why so many cradles hold their children starch-straight. The hippie in me finds it very threatening.


Congratulations to AU for continuing to push the form factor, though. The Talby is one of the most requested phones I've ever seen (tons of emails from people wanting to import). They really should consider generic GSM models, as well. (Thanks, Jon!)


Penck [Mocoloco]

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