Audiophile Snake Oil

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I've always loved high-end audio and I've never really known anyone who owns any. I've seen the $100,000 CD player and $30,000 turntable needles, but I thought they were designed for mad potentates waiting who drink the blood of young boys to stay supple. However, these things exist and are available and it literally boggles the mind. What are these people doing? Turning the sand on a remote Tahitian beach into silicon? Wrapping these cables on the thighs of Korean virgins? BoingBoing found a great site highlighting some of the best and most insane audiophile gear. Take those cables in the picture there. How much would you pay? $500? They're sexy, so let's say $600. Nope. $30 grand. Get outta town.

Audiophile [ilikejam - Get ready to slam this poor guy's DSL line via BoingBoing via BackupBrain]