Audyssey's new iOS-compatible speaker dock squeezes sophisticated software engineering cred—found in the high-end audio equipment you might already own—into one diminutive grilled black slab. With years of university research under its belt, the tiny guy wallops your iPod.


The Audyssey dock pounds out a surprising amount of power from a box the size of a large lunchbox (albeit a very heavy one), using two 4" drivers and 2 3/4" tweeters. You're free to park your iPod or iPhone into the dock connector, or stream tunes over Bluetooth or via micro USB. Another clever function of the box—again, accomplished through refined audio wizardry—is the inclusion of dual microphones, turning the dock into a full telephony station—whether Skype or traditional phone call. The station has two built-in mics, each of which spatially track the location of voices in the room, and alternate between acting as input and blocking out noise or echos.

At $399, the Audyssey dock is certainly not a dorm essential (or possibility), nor will it replace your home theater (despite being impressive for its size). But those looking for an alternative to similarly-priced and featured docks would be served by giving it a listen. [Audyssey]

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