Aurasma Makes Everyday Augmented Reality Seem More Likely, Ad-Friendlier

Augmented Reality is done so much these days that it's not even terribly cool anymore. However, Aurasma, a new iPhone app due out next month, is promising to add a new layer of video and interactivity onto everyday print.


With their app, Aurasma is trying to compete directly with Google's Goggles project. As a refresher, what makes something like Google Goggles at the very least cool on paper is the fact that you could look at something ordinary, point your smartphone at it, and see it as something new through your Google-enhanced eyes. This new app simply adds some motion into the equation.

With the Aurasma app, you can point your iPhone at the newspaper you're reading—although why you'd be reading a physical newspaper at all with apps like this around is something else entirely—and your front page image is transformed into a scene from the interview, event, or highlight reel it was taken from. Pretty neat.

The app lends it self maybe a little too favorably to the ad industry, but who knows? It might be worth the look. [NYT]


Rapture Rising

So would this work with any magazine or picture or will only work for special pictures?