Illustration for article titled Australia Helps Get em1984/em Back On Your Kindle

Were you screwed over by Amazon this week when they remotely deleted George Orwell's 1984 from your Kindle? Yes? Good news! A simple trip to Australia is all you need to stick it back to the man:


Courtesy of MAKE, we have this interesting "hack" that provides step-by-step instructions for getting 1984 back on your Kindle—timid publishers frightened of New Media be damned.

It's not too complicated a process, other than that expensive plane ticket of course, but there are a few instructions and tools you'll need, so head over to MAKE when you're ready.

If you're already in Australia and care to embark on this completely free-of-charge literary journey, send us some interesting shots of you giving Big Brother the picture while reading 1984, won't you? [MAKE]

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