Auto Cable Winder Is the Cure For Knotted Headphones

Illustration for article titled Auto Cable Winder Is the Cure For Knotted Headphones

If you spend more time untangling your headphones than listening to music—and turn your nose up at clunky wireless solutions—consider these automatic Recoil winders that make the grandiose promise of knot-free cables.


Not only are they a rare Kickstarter win, but they actually appear to deliver on everything they promise. When you're done with your headphones—or any cable, since they're available in three different sizes—you just hook the wire onto the Recoil and give it a slight tug. It's quickly wound onto a spindle that guarantees the wires won't magically become a rat's nest while they're bouncing around in your bag.

Unraveling your cables is just as easy, and at $10 for the earbud-sized model, and $15 for heftier charging cables, it's a pretty cheap way to prolong the life of all your wires. Not to mention a great way to minimize the knot rage that plagues our mobile society. [Recoil Winders via T3]


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