Autocorrect Is Not Only Annoying, It Also Kills Apps

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Here's a pro tip for mobile developers: before you submit your application to an app store, check to see what auto correct does to your application's name. Just ask Dallas company Locai, this simple check could make or break your app.


Locai recently submitted their check-in app to the Android Market and were surprised when nobody could find it. The developers realized after submission that Google's auto correct feature changes "Locai" to "Local". Oops.

Now, the developers have to make the difficult decision of either changing their name to one that is search friendly or clinging to obscurity until Google decides to tweak their search algorithm to compensate for these autocorrect blunders. [TechCrunch]



Still did not believe it until i did a printscreen and zoomed in on simple MS paint. you and your techy witchcraftery. pretty cool.