Avi's Yarmulke Version 2.0: Now With Scrolling LEDs

The last time we caught up with tech analyst Avi Greengart, he sported a yarmulke emblazoned with crocheted gadgets. Now he's put his money where his mouth keppe is and made his newest yarmulke a gadget itself. It is loaded with LEDs that scroll his name—and presumably messages to the man upstairs, or anything else he can dream up. I have one pressing question: Does he turn it off on Friday night? [Avi Greengart]



Sorry Avi, I already have one of these. There's a company that sells them. Mine can store up to 6 messages. You can also select from several brightness levels and scroll speeds. I wouldn't wear it to the synagogue though, since the use of electronic devices is not allowed on the Sabbath.