AVN IMterview: Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD


AVN IMterview: Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD

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You ask and we provide. Today we talked to Kathee Brewer, former technology editor for the Adult Video News about the adult industry and the format wars. Read on for her take on this sticky situation.

Gizmodo: Ok. Well, tell us about your beat at AVN.

Gizmodo: And do you guys have all kinds of sexy parties?

Kathee: I was the technology editor for many years (about 5), and now I'm "editor at large"

Kathee: sexy parties? I wish! lol

Kathee: it's very dull around the offices, actually

Kathee: except for the occasional porn babe parading through on her way to an interview

Gizmodo: Well, they're saying that where the adult industry goes, the tech industry follows. So let's discuss next gen DVDs.

Gizmodo: Have you gotten a chance to see them both?

Kathee: I have seen HD-DVD product

Kathee: Blu-ray is a bit trickier for the adult industry, because Sony is proprietary about it

Kathee: there are a couple of products emerging that allow HD-DVD authoring, though

Gizmodo: Huh

Gizmodo: so you're saying that Sony is going to shoot itself in the foot by being closed? Is that accurate?

Gizmodo: Or is it a "wait and see" sort of thing?


Kathee: apparently so

Kathee: on the shooting in the foot thing

Gizmodo: Poor sony.

Kathee: pretty much

Kathee: one company, Hi-Deff XXX, has been beta-testing authoring programs


Gizmodo: See, I was under the impression that Blu-ray had great studio and tech company backing.

Kathee: and has released content in that format, I think

Kathee: it does, in the mainstream!


Gizmodo: hrm

Gizmodo: so would you say that the adult industry is as important as it used to be in this matter?

Kathee: but apparently the companies that are going to be able to duplicate product on Blu-ray discs are going to be so busy working with mainstream companies that they won't have a lot of time left to squeeze adult products onto their lines

Kathee: if the adult industry can figure out a way to make an end-run, it will — so I do think it's still important to the adoption of the technology


Kathee: most studios seem to be taking a "whichever way the ball falls is the direction we'll go" approach

Gizmodo: so which comes first, the HD content chicken or the adult egg?

Kathee: the ones I've talked to all say they've been shooting in HD for quite some time now, so it's just a matter of encoding the content for one format or the other (or both) and having it duplicated


Gizmodo: will they wait to see who makes out the best before releasing content?

Gizmodo: or do they intend to release in both camps?

Kathee: some will release in both camps, at least until one or the other comes out on top

Kathee: and some also are looking at a third minor entrant in the space, too


Gizmodo: ???

Gizmodo: which one?

Gizmodo: on-line distribution?

Kathee: just a sec — I need to look up the name of the company

Kathee: New Medium Enterprises' Versatile Multilayer Disc

Kathee: it sort of snuck onto the scene at CeBit in March


Gizmodo: i remember that, i think.

Gizmodo: not quite DVD

Kathee: not quite

Gizmodo: so in your expert opinion, what do you think will happen?

Kathee: but one of the things about the adult industry is that if something looks like it might catch some attention, the industry will take it seriously and investigate it


Gizmodo: so they can simply move faster than everyone else

Gizmodo: if blu-ray takes off, they'll follow it.

Gizmodo: if hd-dvd takes off, they'll follow that.

Kathee: "they" being the adult industry, yes

Gizmodo: yes

Kathee: exactly

Gizmodo: how will that effect the market, do you suspect?

Kathee: and you'll probably see at least some content coming out in both formats, at least for a while

Kathee: adult is an early adopter of any new technology, because it can be


Gizmodo: have you seen any special - errrr - features?

Kathee: the industry has the money to invest in new technologies and try them out — "prove" them, if you will


Gizmodo: coming out with HD?

Kathee: adult studios are exceptionally fond of producing "DVD extras"

Kathee: and most have stockpiles of that kind of thing just lying around


Gizmodo: but these extras better be amazing, because then they might as well be just turning out DVDs

Kathee: it hasn't been used in the past because there wasn't room for it on standard DVDs, so it's "new" content as far as consumers are concerned


Gizmodo: i think our readership - I'm a mormon, so I've never seen pornography - might like to see that angle feature they were planning for DVDs.

Kathee: interviews with stars, outtakes, deleted scenes

Kathee: you're a Mormon, and you're writing about porn?


Gizmodo: well, i'm considering mormonism.

Kathee: lol

Gizmodo: i hear they have wonderful benefits.

Kathee: love those garments

Gizmodo: anyway, any advice to the budding porn purchasers?

Gizmodo: should they get a Blu-ray or HD-DVD player right now?

Gizmodo: or wait until things shake out?


Kathee: I can tell you I'm waiting until things shake out a bit

Kathee: like every new technology, the first models will be incredibly expensive

Kathee: and that probably is going to determine, to a large extent, which format takes off in the public

Kathee: or with the public

Kathee: although it's not a plane, so....

Gizmodo: plane?

Kathee: taking off with the public sounds like it's going to contain them

Gizmodo: oh

Gizmodo: oh!

Gizmodo: like on lost

Kathee: sorry — it's early and I haven't had enough coffee yet

Gizmodo: and half of the island will have blu-ray

Gizmodo: and half will have HD-DVD

Gizmodo: and then they'll start killing each other as offerings to the DVD gods

Gizmodo: but what's in the hatch!


Kathee: uh.... the real mccoy?

Gizmodo: the proverbial money shot.

Kathee: the money shot to end all money shots

Gizmodo: ok. thanks so much. we'll keep our eyes peeled.

Kathee: always glad to be of very little help




Vivid has begun releasing all adult DVD titles simultaneously on Blu-ray.

That means about 1 titel per week

[www.homemediamagazine.com] /breaking_article.cfm?article_id=12921

And at [www.adultbluray.com] there are already 96 Adult blu rays on sale but only one gay blu ray