Awesome: Boeing Tests Humvee-Mounted Laser Avenger

Illustration for article titled Awesome: Boeing Tests Humvee-Mounted Laser Avenger

Yeah, you read that right: A laser strapped to a Humvee. The Avenger is Boeing's air defense system typically loaded up with a heavy machine gun or Stinger missiles, but for a test a couple weeks ago, they mounted one of the systems on a Humvee equipped with a 1-kilowatt solid-state laser. During the test, it took out five targets "representing IED and UXO threats" and two UAVS that were "stationary on the ground." Okay, so that last part's not so impressive. But, one day it'll be able to shoot moving targets, probably! [Boeing via The Register]



I just checked out the Lego guys website, and he has some pretty sick stuff.


On point, I wonder what "took out" the targets means? Did it melt the tires? The hood? Explodify the whole damn thing?