Awkward Piaggio Tricycle Could Be First Mass-Produced Plug-in Hybrid

Illustration for article titled Awkward Piaggio Tricycle Could Be First Mass-Produced Plug-in Hybrid

You know that plug-in hybrid revolution everyone keeps talking about? Well, apparently this is what it is going to look like. If Piaggio keeps its word, the first mass-produced plug-in hybrid vehicle will be an updated version of its MP3 scooter, identical to its older brother in nearly every way except for its powertrain. The company claims that the paired engine and motor will let this backwards trike cover over 140 miles on a gallon of gas, and launch it to 60MPH in an amazing five seconds. Going more than 60MPH on this freakish little scooter is somewhat terrifying, but when it comes to plug-in hybrid technology pretty much any progress is welcome. Actual plug-in hybrid cars, like the admittedly attractive Volt, are still a long way off, so this'll do for now. The MP3 Hybrid should be on the road by next year. NOTE: I have been informed by a number of readers that the original MP3 scooter is, in fact, "Rad." So there's that. [Autopia]


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Slap me down in the 'looks great' column, however I am concerned that the model they are using is not appropriately dressed for the climate we have in Seattle. The thought of using a vehicle to commute that gets 140mpg sounds like a fantastic alternative on days I am too lazy to ride my bike.