Baby-Eating 4Moms Robo Stroller Packs, Unpacks Itself

This automated baby stroller from 4Moms, due out in 2009, has international incident written all over it. The hands-free collapsing trick seen in the video is neat looking, but what happens when Tiny Tim gets strapped in for a morning constitutional and mommy accidentally hits the "fold" button? Well, I'll tell you what happens. John Connor suddenly appears next to the thing in a flash of electricity, buck naked, and fights a T-1000 to the death. That's what happens.Another cool thing about this stroller, on a serious note, is that the automation is powered by a rechargeable generator. For every 300 feet of "strolling," you get some more juice. The plastic is also 90% recycled materials, so the coming robot Apocalypse will be environmentally sound, at the very least. No price just yet, but cup holders, and a reclining seat are GO for launch. Update: $650! [Growing Your Baby via Born Rich]



I may be way off here, but it kind of reminds me of the "Headmaster" Transformers. I can see the little baby being folded into that contraption, and a giant headless robot walking over, and then affixing said child securely to his waiting neck bolts.

But then again, I think everything should be attached to headless robots, so maybe that's just me.