Back to the Future: Memorex Pro Gold Archival CD-R

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Gizmodo has a little secret to spill: we've acquired a time machine and gone forward 300 years so that we could do a hands-on test of these Memorex Pro Gold CD-R blanks (available in DVD-R, too) the company sent us via FedEx today. Our result? We had no way of knowing if the company's claim of a 300-year durability is true or not, because first of all since the denizens of the 24th century passed The Singularity a couple of centuries ago, they already possess all of the data that's ever been gathered by any human being in each of their pretty little electronic heads. Disks of any kind are irrelevant in those future times.

However, if there were CD players in existence 300 years from now, these archival discs would certainly have a good chance of surviving until then. They have a 24-karat gold reflective layer, plus they're slathered with high-performance dye that's supposedly stable enough for long-term storage, and then there's that DuraLayer, touted to be exceptionally scratch-resistant. These CD-Rs better be everything-resistant—they're $13 for a three-pack. But that peace of mind you'll get, knowing that your data will last for centuries, even if nobody around will want to retrieve that data? Priceless. We'd settle for 20 years.

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