Back to the Future's Michael J. Fox Has Sage Advice for Lil Nas X

It takes magic to keep that hat from falling off his head. Holiday magic.
Image: Lil Nas X

This weekend might have given us a light at the end of a long tunnel, but it doesn’t change the fact that 2020 has sucked. Luckily, Lil Nas X is here to warm up our season with a Back to the Future III meets The Santa Clause tribute starring none other than Michael J. Fox himself.


The artist behind “Old Town Road” and “Panini” has released a teaser trailer for his latest single, “Holiday,” which promises to bring that festive spirit so many of us have been craving for months.

Given all the shit we’ve been through in 2020—along with how the rest of the year is likely to shape up, what with the latest spikes in coronavirus cases and the fact that Trump is still refusing to admit he lost the election—we need a little joy to pad out the rest of the year. Here’s a clip from the music video—featuring that Fox cameo—set to come out on Friday.

Taking place in the Wild West (clearly a nod to his smash debut “Old Town Road”), the music video sees Lil Nas X taking the mantle of Santa Claus from his drunken predecessor. With his tiny spectacles and a sleigh that is clearly capable of time travel, the musician is poised to move around the world to deliver presents to all the good children. But as a Back to the Future III-esque Fox warns: Make sure you avoid 2020. A lesson all of us can take to heart once this year is finally over.

“Holiday” is set to come out on Friday—we’ll keep an eye out to see if the rest of the video is just as wild as this teaser. In the meantime, Mariah Carey has given her blessing for us to start listening to “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” so I suggest we take that to heart.


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God, I am so wholesomely envious of that massive nerd. First he gets Billy Ray Cyrus to guest on his massive track because he’s a Hannah Montana fan, and now he gets Michael J. Fox to do a cameo in his video just because he’s a Back to the Future (and The Santa Clause?) fan. He is living the dream...