Hank Green Tells 53 Terrible Jokes in 4 Minutes

This has got to be some sort of record.


Great Growers Know about the Three Additional Cannabis Flowering Phases

Getting the most out of Cannabis blooms is more than just cycling back to a 12/12 lighting cycle and switching up the fertilizer mix. As Big Buds Magazine explains, the flowering cycle can actually be broken down into four distinct phases—pre-flowering, early flowering, peak flowering, and late flowering. Click on through to see what you need to do at each stage to maximize your yield. [Big Buds - Image: Andre Blais / Shutterstock]


Two Umbrellas Fall in Love in Pixar's Newest Short Film

Directed by Saschka Unseld, The Blue Umbrella will run ahead of Monsters University in June. [Cartoon Brew]


The 100 Worst Pickup Lines in Action

Kids, don't try this at home—unless of course you enjoy wearing cocktails and getting slapped. [VVV]


Green Piece: I Want to Be a Subject

I'm willing to be the rate of stoners that awake to find themselves handcuffed to ER gurnies is close to zero. [The Stoned Society]