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This is the story about Judith and her unlost, but not yet found camera. She lost it on a trip to Hawaii, the camera had well over 500 photos on the memory card. Much to her delight she received a call from a park ranger informing her that somebody found her camera. A phone call later she found out that the camera was given to the diabetic son of the Canadian that found the camera. What is astonishing is that she actually accepts this pity excuse and works out a deal. All she wanted was her memory cards and a little bit of compensation—$50 for her $500 camera to be exact—for the camera.

She received a package two weeks later that had burned CDs of the pictures and a note saying that the Canucks needed the memory card for the camera. What's a lady to do? Of course, furiously call and demand justice! The bad Samaritan didn t care and told Judith that she was lucky to get anything back at all. Should she just deal with it or further pursue some legal action?


camera unlost, but not quite found [Lost Camera Blogspot]

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