Apparently it was all in good fun, but word is that while whooping up the crowd at Microsoft's company meeting in Seattle this week, Ballmer spotted a Windows staffer snapping his pic with…an iPhone. You know where this is going...


He grabbed it from the employee, made some funny remarks, and held it up as the crowd booed. (You can see the shot taken by the actual iPhone in question at this point). Ballmer then pretended to stomp on it and walked away, with everything being shown on the big screen behind him.

"He is not one of us, kill him!" (OK, I made that part up).

Ballmer also jokingly teased the poor employee during his speech afterward, something I'm sure they won't forget.


What have we learned? Well, Steve Ballmer actually has a sense of humor. And whatever you do, hide your freakin' iPhone when the Ballmer-nator is near. As a Microsoft staffer said on Twitter: "You just don't pick up the CEO of Chevy in a BMW." [TechFlash via Engadget]