Ballmer Describes Relationship with Gates as "Husband-Wife," Brings Wrong Images to our Minds

Illustration for article titled Ballmer Describes Relationship with Gates as "Husband-Wife," Brings Wrong Images to our Minds

Steve Ballmer has revealed that his relationship with the world's most famous Zune owner, Bill Gates, is akin to that of a husband and wife. In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, everyone's favorite chief exec talked about "the husband-wife-brother thing," he has goin' on with Bill Gates. And then he just took the analogy one step too far:

"We participated together in giving birth to this amazing thing called Microsoft," chirped the seven-billion-dollar man, bringing up unwelcome Monday-morning visions of hot water, clean towels and placenta. According to Steve, he and Bill are parents to four kids. Uh-huh...


"We happen to have two children that are a little older, and they are great kids, they are still developing. They are in high school, they are wonderful, they have got their whole future in front of them. That is our desktop - Windows and Office - and our server business. Then we have got these two young kids. They are four or five, they are really at a formative stage, and they are building their muscles. That is where we are in online and devices."

Then he started shouting. "I love all four of our kids, I really do." The full interview is here. [Telegraph]



My office has become a stifling cloud of intensely suppressed laughter, and I am saving this picture for future reference. It's times like these that I remember why I appreciate being part of Gizmodo's readership. Kudos on putting a big smile on my face this morning.

Boy, I'm pretty sure Steve Jobs reads this and sits back reeling in this quiet glory, as the last photoshop I can remember of him was riding an iPhone like a surfboard. My God, this is so friggin' awkward.