Bangladeshi Farmer Slaughters 83,000 Rats, and All He Got Was a Crappy 14-Inch TV

Bangladesh has a disgusting rat problem: It imports 3 million tons of food a year, and rats destroy 1.5-2 million tons of it. So the government made killing rats a legit sport, with prizes.

The king of rat genociders was Mokhairul Islam who killed 83,450 over nine months on his farm. Impressive, when you consider second place took out fewer than half of that, only 37,450 of the bastards. For his efforts, Mokhairul received a measly 14-inch color TV. Which is apparently all the thanks he needed, since he's sworn to keep killing them. But seriously, the guy deserves at least a Vizio plasma or something.


Oh I forgot the really gross part—to prove that he'd really murdered that many rodents to collect his TV, he kept the rats' tails. That means he had a room somewhere filled with 80,000 rotting rats' tails. Ewwwwwwww. [Telegraph]

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