Illustration for article titled Bar Of Soap Is Multi-Talented Gadget That Susses Out What It Is Just By the Way You Hold It

Researchers at MIT's Media Lab have come up with the Bar of Soap, a gadget that works out exactly what it is depending on how it is held. So, hold it like a camera, and you can take pics, hold it like a cellphone, and it makes calls. Basically developed as a prototype to test the grasp classification concept, the technology behind the Bar of Soap is expected to trickle down into future gizmos.


The unit itself is made out of plastic, and incorporates a touchscreen, an accelerometer, as well as 72 touch sensors, and internal Bluetooth. Currently 95 percent accurate, the Bar of Soap's creators tested it in five ways: as a camera, gamepad, PDA, phone and remote control . [MIT via Oh!Gizmo]

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