Barnes & Noble Nook Up Close: Yep, It's Real Nice

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They were a little skittish about demoing the Cover Flow feature, but up close, the Nook makes even the relatively benign-looking Kindle 2 seem like it was beaten with an ugly stick. Pictures galore below. Update: And video!


Apparently the back cover pops off to get to the microSD slot. It might be thicker than the Kindle, but not enough to matter. The LCD is surprisingly nice, though the viewing angle isn't super wide or anything, as I found out trying to angle around the crowd. But yeah, it looks like what an ereader should look like.

Here's a quick touchy touchy video:



Oh sure - just because it is the prettiest e-reader yet and makes the Kindle look like it fell out of an Amazon tree and hit every branch on the way down is nice and all. But, is it my phone, MP3 player, fart creator, gaming device, chick magnet, and coffee maker? See, now I have you thinking differently about this Nook thing, don't I?

This sucker is so nice I might actually consider reading again. I gave it up for Lent in 1993 and because I couldn't read anything to tell me otherwise, I didn't realize Lent ends. Oh well.

Who would have guess Barnes & Noble would be relevant again? I thought that old brick and mortar shop died a horrible self-inflicted death in the late 90's. Good for them. #barnesnoblenook