BATS are a five-piece math-rockish band from Dublin who are not nearly famous enough for their amazing debut album Red in Tooth and Claw, which features what is no doubt the best song about the Higgs Boson ever.

"Wolfwrangler" is the first single off their upcoming sophomore effort The Sleep of Reason, and man is it great. It's got those awesome, complex-but-still-relatively-intuitive rhythms that make math-y music easy for the layman to get into and an overall edge that is just the right kind of sharp. To boot, the music video is oddly faciniating, if totally bizarre. If you're into this, get stoked for the upcoming record, which drops on October 20th, and by all means dive into their backlog. "Higgs Boson Particle" and "Andrew Wiles" are amazing, nerdy classics. Check 'em out. [Bandcamp]