Battle of the Celebrity-Endorsed Headphones

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Seems like every musician you can name has a pair of headphones with their name on 'em. Dr. Dre, Justin Bieber, Jay-Z, Quincy Jones, Ludacris, Bob Marley, and Miles Davis. We need a battle royale! Well, here you go...


Our friends at Sound and Vision Magazine have put together the ultimate celebrity headphone shootout, and it's definitely worth checking out. They had an expert panel of listeners to rank them subjectively, and then ran them through some exhaustive, objective, audio-response tests. The results found that phones with the more "textbook" design were generally more liked, and spoiler alert: Luda and Bieber are the big losers. Check out their piece to see who won.[Sound+Vision]

Image credit: Tom Hoppa (Jay-Z); Janet Mayer (Justin Bieber), via Sound+Vision Mag

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Sony MDR 7506 's will destroy anything these people can put out for a fraction of the price. Best headphones you can get under 1000$ by far