Battleground Is Bloodsport for People Who Squirm at the Mere Thought of Blood

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Political campaigns try to come off as tight, well-oiled election-winning machines. But everyone knows that behind the campaign buttons and pantsuits is an ugly, chaotic process marred by scandal and way, way, too much money. So naturally, you want to watch.

Cue up Battleground, Hulu's original series following Wisconsin State Senator Dierdre Samuels' bid for national office. Her novice campaign team isn't yet jaded by America's political circus. They're scrappy and dedicated to the cause, refusing to let lack of funds, a bad case of nepotism (in the form of the candidate's obnoxious stepson), and miserably low polling numbers get in their way. Head Campaign Strategist Tak Davis's leadership skills are put to the test—and his feelings for the Head of Media Operations, KJ, aren't necessarily making his marriage hum along smoothly. To Tak's severe annoyance, KJ is also the object of speechwriter Cole Graner's affections.


Executive produced by J.D. Walsh, Hagai Shaham, and Marc Webb, all 13 episodes of Battleground are available on Hulu right now. It's the perfect time to grab your favorite pundit pal, a plethora of snacks (and if you're in for the long haul, pajamas), and watch it on whatever you want, whenever you want.