BBM Is Being Delayed For Android and iOS

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Look, we all know that BlackBerry is in a tail spin and has been for awhile. And at this point the situation can only become an incredible underdog story or a put the dog out of his misery moment. There's no status quo anymore. But somehow the hole keeps being dug deeper. BlackBerry announced an abysmal early earnings report and major layoffs on Friday, and now there's something else. BlackBerry was forced to release a statement yesterday saying that the new BBM apps for iOS and Android, which were supposed to be released yesterday and today respectively, are being delayed. And that's just suboptimal.


With so much bad news, the new BBM apps were supposed to be something to get excited about. Or they were supposed to at least be a solid and uneventful release. But a leaked version of BBM for Android has brought the whole BBM weekend rollout to a grinding halt. BlackBerry said in a statement that:

The interest and enthusiasm we have seen already – more than 1.1 million active users in the first 8 hours without even launching the official Android app – is incredible. Consequently, this unreleased version caused issues, which we have attempted to address throughout the day.

This has been a big week. BlackBerry also announced an update to the Z10 handset, the Z30, on Thursday. But it's hard to surmount that earnings news. Since they were announced, the concern about BBM for iOS and Android has always been that the apps wouldn't be able to compete with other messaging apps that are better established on either or both platforms. But BBM is solid and clearly it was leaked and downloaded 1.1 million times because people are interested in using it. BlackBerry teams "are working around the clock" to get it released, but the bigger issue is trust. BlackBerry 10 was delayed a bunch of times before it came out and it seems like the unrest in the office is continuing to hinder the company from going about its daily business. Which makes sense, but is only making things worse. [TechMeme]


Its sad to see such an innovative, trail blazer of a company turn to ashes under incompetent management. Theres a kind of management that takes a risk. and fails. hey man, hats off to you lot. you tried something. it didn't work out. not gonna hold that against you. But RIM/BB just seems to have no direction, no clue at all about whats going on. I just imagine a bunch of monkeys flinging feces at the walls when i think of the BB executive floor.

Really how tough is it to roll out an app. its been tested for years on your devices. youve got the backend covered. you've created another gateway to your server in the form of ios and android apps. Get them out the bloody door.

I just can't imagine what kind of issues a leaked app could cause that would expect them to shutdown the rollout.A leaked app that they obviously have the capability of blocking. Because they just did. Why not block that app, but keep the ios app rollin on to the rest of us.

My last bb was a bold 9000. loved that device. just gorgeous unheard of screen for the time. got it first day. but that was my last bb. switched to iphone and never looked back after. I got a playbook the first week it came out cos it seemed nice. no email. no calendar. promises of a release that got delayed for ages. an unpolished os. a neglecyed device that fell from 499 to 299 within months. COuld be had for a hundred bucks within an year. it jsut seems one blunder after another trying to get devices and software out.

its like they want to lose the consumers trust intentionally. Because if it happens once its excusable. twice. thrice. but continually?? it seems lately anything bb does gets fucked. at this point nobody even trusts them. hence one billion dollar writedowns.