Screenshots: Amazon

The loud man did a word bad on the internet and now you can buy an everything of it. Welcome to The Resistance™, we take credit or debit.

What is “covfefe”? One explanation is that it’s an attempt at spelling “coverage” when you’re a doddering old man with holes in your brain. Another is it’s the sound your mouth makes when it gives up.

But to the many Amazon sellers of the world, it’s a quick, lazy buck.

Are people actually buying this Salvation Army-bound kitsch? Yes. And even the sellers regret having a hand in it.

Do you have Amazon Prime? Great news, none of these things will deliver before this meme stops being funny. Much as Jeff Bezos would relish the opportunity, he cannot yet sell things into the past. Some even have the gall to bill themselves “great gift ideas.”


The options, which are sure to expand in both number and inanity, range from harmlessly stupid to so inscrutable they’re likely to drive friends and loved ones to wonder what they ever saw in you. Let us explore the hideous cornucopia of covfefe products Amazon has to offer.

Is it good to convfefe? Bad? I will give you $100 if you can tell me.


Pretty weird loophole here, but if someone is conceived at a college frat party because of this shot glass, they automatically go to jail.

This shirt about a spelling error contains a spelling error, making it the best option on this list.

Say it with me America: we deserve this.