Beastly Turns Michelle Tanner Into Souless Dracula Styled Witch Creature

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The reboot of Beauty And The Beast is under way, and check out the look Mary-Kate Olsen is working for her role as the Princess of Darkness (we're guessing.) Call it scary soul-swallowing chic, plus THE BEAST.

Beastly is the modern day reimagining of Beauty And The Beast, set in New York City. The cast is made up of Vanessa Hudgens, Harrison Ford, Brendan Fraser, Keri Russell and one vampiric looking Mary-Kate Olsen.

This new behind-the scenes-video reminds us all why we're rarely allowed time with young actors. Just how many different ways can this group of kids learn how to say, "It's about inner beauty"? I half expected Vanessa Hudgens to back up her "this Beauty character is different" spiel with a "because I have bangs."

But the highlight of this reel from Entertainment Tonight was creepy old eyelinered Olsen. Since she's not particularly known for her shiny disposition, I gotta hand it to the producers. Casting this Olsen as the long-haired witch lady was a good move. You had me screaming "holy hell" when the camera revealed this ensemble. Now you just need to work on the laughter that follows the shock. I just can't believe she let you make her look so much like Gary Oldman's representation of Dracula.


I predict a disaster for Beastly's future. But until more details arrive check out their fur free, purple faced beast creature.