Well it's been a busy week here at Gizmodo. We've been following the unexpected news around Apple and Beats by Dre, debunking more viral images that are totally fake, checking out awesome tech at Bell Labs, and so much more! Here's what we've been doing all week.

Beats by Apple Is Making Monster's Big Mistake Even Bigger

Apple's rumored move to buy Beats for $3.2 billion is a big deal. It wouldn't just be the biggest acquisition in the history of the company, it'd turn Dr. Dre into rap's first billionaire. It would likely make legendary music mogul Jimmy Iovine an Apple executive. But it won't mean anything but more regret for Noel and Kevin Lee of Monster, who get nothing more than some extra salt in the wound.

UPS Just Delivered a $400,000 Drone to Some Dude by Mistake


No one's perfect, least of all UPS. But as far as mistakes go, this is just about as bad—and expensive—as it gets. Thanks to one hell of a mixup, Reddit user Seventy_Seven just got a $400,000 unmanned aerial vehicle delivered straight to his doorstep. Talk about service.

11 More Fake Viral Images


Another day, another fake image getting passed around as real. Today we have everything from posing puppies to sketchy satellites to underwater trains that are just too good to be true. Always remember the first rule of viral image safety: be aware before you share.

The First Thing Apple Should Do With Beats


Apple wants to buy Beats? It's one of the stranger Apple rumors we've ever heard and it would be Apple's most expensive acquisition ever by a long shot, but you better believe it's good business. And for regular folks, the deal has enormous potential to improve one of Apple's most flawed products: The EarPod.

HTC One (M8) Google Play Edition Review: Great But For that Camera


Android purists have a common refrain they like to bust out every time a beautiful new piece of hardware comes out: "If only it ran pure Android!" in F-sharp. There's a pervasive belief that unpasteurized Android—and only unpasteurized Android—directly from the great teat in Mountain View is all that's needed to transform a good phone into a perfect phone. That's often true, but hardware is hardware, and great software can't fix everything.

Vegas Is Tearing Down This Empty Hotel That Never Opened


If you've visited Vegas anytime since 2009, you've likely seen the empty hotel. It doesn't have any signage; instead, it is often swaddled in ads, like the world's priciest billboard—a bloated Cirque du Soleil-wrapped blue whale hovering over the Strip for four lonely years. Now a court ruling is finally putting the doomed hotel out of its misery.

5 Crowdfunded Projects That Defy All Logic and Reason


The online fund-begging havens of Kickstarter and Indiegogo (among quite a few others) are bursting with wild, fantastical visions of things once thought impossible. Some of them are awesome, some outlandish, some flat-out insane. These are but a few.

This Superheroic Train Keeps New York City's Subway Safe


You probably don't realize it, but, at any given hour on any given day, a small yet incredibly sophisticated train armed with cameras, lasers, and ultrasound equipment is sliding around New York City's subway system inspecting the tracks. It looks a little bit like Optimus Prime, and, like the good Transformers, it's there to keep you safe.

Inside Bell Labs, Where the Future is Being Built


Inside Bell Labs almost 70 years ago, the invention that defined the 20th century was born: The transistor. On a recent sunny April day here in the present, Gizmodo had the rare opportunity to tour the historic and cutting edge facilities at Bell Labs—and get a preview of the inventions that could change this century.

This Farmer Reinvented the Wheel to Build a Better Wheelchair

It's one of the most stale idioms in the book: Don't reinvent the wheel. But that didn't stop Gilad Wolf, the Israeli inventor who found that comfortably getting around in a conventional wheelchair was nearly impossible. Instead, Wolf set out to reinvent his wheelchair wheels.