Beautiful Video Explains How Light's Been Harnessed For Communication

Whether you have fiber supplying Internet access to your home or not, you use optical systems to send and receive information every single day. This stunning video takes a look at the scientists and engineers that have enabled light to be used for human communication.

Ricocheting between Oxford, Stuutgart, Paris and New Jersey, with interviews of “Nobel Laureates, semi-retired German eccentrics and impassioned geeks”, the video explores the folks from Bell Labs who push the boundaries of how much infromation can be encoded using just light. It’s pretty, fascinating and inspirational.

[Lonely Leap]

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This is why Comcast untruthfully claims in some of their old ads (vs. FiOS) that “well, our network has fiber too” - because their shitty, shared cable connection travels across some fiber.

Maybe even over some Comcast fiber. In the end, it’s traveling over wire, and customers share their bandwidth with a cluster of other wired customers that can saturate the network... but part of the network is traveling over fiber.

Kind of like saying part of your computer doesn’t have a virus. Part of your car trip will be on paved road. “Yeah, but...”