What kind of a Casual Friday would it be without the coolest cat in the land (the Fonzie, not me) giving away a Shuffle to a lucky Gizmodo reader? There is a bit of a catch. You have to take a couple minutes out of your long and busy day to fill out a survey. I know, I'm a whore, but it is how I make the big bucks that allows me to kick it with the Fonz day-in and day-out. Just put in your e-mail at the end of the survey to be entered.

You must be wondering how I became cool enough to know Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli. Well, it was pretty simple. I did it the same way Akimbo, Blackberry Pearl, Casio, Don Julio, EA Mobile, Fox Soccer Channel, Igo, Intel, Old Spice, Parrot, Pioneer, Playstation, SV Supreme Vodka, Sprint, VW GTI and Verizon did. Now, join the crew and get it over with. (The jukebox-whacking Fonz actually has nothing to do with the contest, and all of the usual Gawker contest rules apply.)