Become an Ominipresent Photo Critic With This Rule-of-Thirds Bookmarklet

Maybe you are a novice photographer looking to get a better sense of composition. Or maybe you just get your kicks by constantly judging images on the web! Either way, this simple tool will make either goal easy to achieve.

For those who don't know, the rule-of-thirds is a simple basis for achieving balanced composition in a photograph. It states that if you divide your image into thirds vertically and horizontally, your subject should be placed near where those lines intersect.


Alex Dergachev has come up with a nifty little way to overlay a rule-of-thirds grid over any image on any web page open in your browser. All you have to do is visit his website and drag the bookmark into your browser's bookmark bar or folder.

Then just visit any site, click the boomkark, and BOOM, you shall be enlightened. [Alex Dergachev via PetaPixel]

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