Become Master of Your Own Little Cosmos With a Space Glass Pendant

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As Men in Black taught us nearly 20 years ago, galaxies can come in all sizes. They can even disguise as tiny, wearable ornaments right under our noses. But it’s not just secret agents supervising extraterrestrial life forms who get to play God—you, too, can become the master of your own cosmic arena.


That’s thanks to Japanese artist Satoshi Tomizu, whose gorgeous Space Glass ornaments are like miniaturized planetary systems within colorful nebulas. Each one unique, these cosmic bubbles (which conveniently fix to a chain so you can wear ‘em) contain flecks of gold that shimmer like brilliant stars. At the center of the ornament lies an iridescent, black or white opal—your very own celestial body.

Watching one of Tomizu’s cosmic droplets swirl and catch the light is mesmerizing:

The pendants are sold through Tomizu’s website under his Plus Alpha brand, but I’ll warn you now that demand is high and the artist has temporarily stopped taking new orders. You can, however, sign up for his mailing list, and he’ll let you know when he plans to make more—which is exactly what I’m doing right now.


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You can actually attempt to make these yourself (But will look like shit), relatively cheaply. Albeit, not glass, but acrylic resin. Depending on your patience level, you can make cool stuff. Randomly came across it one time, and it ended up being a fun project for the wife and kids.

Now, the sad part. If you want to make it, you’ll have to wade through some fascinating, but psuedo science scary, things to get there. Look up “how to make orgonite” (Spelling can be different, depending on lunatic spelling).

You can make things like this. Cost is minimal, probably materials are about 20-30+, depending on what you put in there. You can get some interesting things, and overall, no two are the same. As a bonus, it’s not even complicated: Pick what you want in there, put it in a mold, add acrylic resin, let harden, boom, done.

Yes, it originates in chemtrails and insanity, but can be really fun. You have been warned. The one above is just a random from google. Take a look, there’s some interesting stuff out there. Depending on your patience, and willingness to buy expensive parts to go inside, you can be incredibly creative, and might be able to come close to above.

Yes, it won’t be the same as above, but it also won’t be expensive, and it’s actually a fun, creative project to kill a couple hours. Again though, have to wade through chemtrail talk. You have been warned.