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Here's an interesting solution to the problem of giant alarm clock docks that gobble up space on your nightstand. JVC's new N-BX3 is a 44 pound behemoth that replaces your bedside table altogether, with a flat glass top for holding things.

It uses a set of 30-watt speakers with SRS StudioSound HD to subtly fill a room with music from your iPhone, or blast you out of bed in the morning when your alarm goes off. The iPhone dock can be retracted when not in use, and there's even an FM tuner if you prefer the banter of witty DJs in the morning.


It's now available in Japan, in a white or black finish to match your phone, for around $525. And as someone who likes to keep a glass of water next to his bed that usually gets knocked over in the middle of the night, I really hope this thing is waterproof. [Akihabara News]

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