Behold: The Original Cupholder From 1950

Illustration for article titled Behold: The Original Cupholder From 1950

The cupholder hardly feels like breaking technology today, but back in 1950, it was the bee's knees (and we say that without an ounce of snark). Seriously, Popular Mechanics featured the device in their November issue that year with this caption:

Travel snacks can be enjoyed while the car is in motion with a dashboard tray which prevents cold drinks or water glasses from tipping over. The tray hangs from two cords which are held on the dashboard by suction cups. Bottles or glasses rest on two disks which are suspended below the tray on chains. When not in use, the tray can be folded into small space for storage in the glove compartment.


Heh, suction cups. Popular Mechanics called the trend, but they could have never predicted that no puny suction cup technology could hold the 2-liter-sized megadrinks to come. [modernmechanix via boingboing]


I wonder how much of that glass is vodka.