Behold! The Tower Of iPod!

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Stereo maker Princeton decided that some people must really have a boner for iPods and want to let everyone know how big it is. So they built the iPod Tower, a 37-inch structure with 2.1-channel sound and a nice little subwoofer to give it that "ooomph" kick in the groin you'll need when you see how big this thing is. Although not all that loud at 2x10W for the speakers, with a 25W subwoofer, it's enough to get a party started in your pants living room without having to worry about being crushed by this falling pillar. You dock your iPod and you're good to go. The tower also has Firewire and USB connectivity, in case you want to keep your computer next to this thing, as well as a remote so you don't have to get so close. All iPod models after third gen will fit into this tower's dock. No word yet on pricing.

iPod Tower [Akihabara]


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