Behold, the violent comics Frank Miller wrote for his high school newspaper

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Frank Miller has made a name for himself with hard-boiled comic yarns like The Dark Knight Returns, Daredevil, and Sin City. Miller's grittier inclinations were on display at the age of 15, when he contributed these two comic strips to the October 1972 edition of his high school newspaper.

The students at Miller's high school in East Montpelier, Vermont were regaled with tales of The Fixer, a detective whose name would later go to the Batman knock-off in Miller's 2011 "superheroes versus terrorists" graphic novel Holy Terror. Click on the above image to see both strips. Remember, these were written during a halcyon time when assassins blowing magicians' brains out with firearms and secretaries getting walloped didn't guarantee a trip to the vice-principal's office.


[Via Bleeding Cool]