Being Off-Key Can At Least Look Good With This Pretty Tuning App

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The smartphone has all but killed the standalone tuner, but while most apps just emulate their old-fashioned counterparts, Tunable brings something new—and pretty—to the table.

Available for iOS and Android, Tunable isn't just about getting your sound-maker in tune; it's about showing you what that looks like. When you're tuning, or just noodling around, Tunable shows you a comprehensive "pitch history" so you can see the peaks and valleys where your tone has been venturing astray. And on top of that, it also has a fully-functional chord generator and metronome built right in, making it a vertible swiss army knife of music apps.


And, maybe above all, it looks wonderful. With a nice pastelle color scheme and stark, simple interface, it's far more appealing to the eyes than any skeuomorphic, needle-emulating monstrosity. It's a fairly new release, so you can grab it for the introductory price of 99 cents so if you're at all musically inclined, go and snag it before the key change. [Co.Design]